Saturday, March 25, 2006

Enjoying the calm

I had no clue as to what the last weeks of my pregnancy were going to be like. My ideal picture was that, yes, I would be waddling around the house a bit and moving more slowly, but overall I would be this glowing picture of motherhood, setting up last-minute things in the nursery. Remember, I said ideal. I knew it wouldn't be exactly like that. What I didn't expect was that I have to endure such intense back pain, spend a week in my bed and wake up crying because I just could not sleep.

I'm painting a pretty bad picture here, aren't I? But hopefully every woman knows that pregnancy is not going to be a beautiful experience the entire time -- maybe not at all, for some. And I've been told that the final month is the mean it gets worse than what I just went through? I've also been told by the same women that it is all worth it in the end. And I believe it. Miles is a very active baby, making sure I feel every little point of his elbow or knee, and occasionally jamming a leg into my ribs. I'm already talking to him, telling him to 'stop that!' because wow, does it ever hurt! But the sweetest moments are when Casey and I watch him moving my stomach around, or Casey puts his ear to my belly and Miles kicks his cheek and we laugh and talk about how we can't wait to see him in person, to hold him and learn all about him...all of that already makes up for whatever discomfort I am going through.

Just over a week ago, we were able to find a crib and changing table that we really love and get that all set up, along with a few of the 'classic Winnie the Pooh' decor things we've received at one of our two showers. Everything is just waaaaay too cute, but it is so crazy going in there and seeing a crib and realizing, "Wow, we are going to bring a baby home -- our baby -- and he is going to be here! In person!!" I know it sounds funny, but it's really how I feel. The moment he is handed to us after he is born will most likely be more overwhelming than I can even imagine.

And now for some really great news, although it will start out sounding not so great at the beginning...Thursday night was when Casey and I were signed up to take an infant CPR class at the hospital, one of the two or three we'll be attending. Not long before we had to leave, I was experiencing some of the most intense pain in my back that I'd had in the entire week. I certainly didn't want to go to the class like that, but I rested on the heating pad for a few minutes and we left. All during the class, I kept changing my sitting position, trying to make sure I didn't get stuck in the same spot and make things worse. It really wasn't so bad, but by the time we arrived home my pain was completely gone. No kidding. I kept talking to Casey about it, how incredible it was for that pain to be gone, and then to go to bed feeling so much relief and being able to really breathe -- it was just amazing!

I can only point to God and thank him for answering so many prayers for relief from this pain. I want to give him the glory and also thank my friends and family for praying for me. I am taking things as easy as I can for now, because I know that overdoing it could put me back where I was. But for now I am rejoicing and smiling and have actually been able to get around and do so many things again!

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