Friday, February 10, 2006

RTM, a night out, and fun new projects

Just so you know, I have been taking more time for rest...not lots, but at least more. I have to say that I am truly addicted to Remember The Milk. I think that in just the past two or three days I have made and re-made my lists, and printed out the new weekly planner several times. I figured out that I could save lots more room and paper if I copied the weekly planner to a Word document. That way, I can also type in any little extra notes I might need! Thanks again for an awesome find, Sarah!

Not only have I felt spoiled in being given this great gift of time before the baby is born, I will also be quite spoiled this evening when Casey takes me out to dinner and then to pick up some of our favorite ice cream -- Udderly Cream -- at Maggie Moo's (chocolate sprinkles in a separate cup for me). Yum! Tonight is a three-part celebration: 1) early Valentine's Day, as we'll be too busy next week, 2) engagement anniversary (February 16), and 3) my official transition from a working-full-time-wife to a full-time-homemaker-and-soon-to-be-mom. Part of the evening includes a movie as well, but as there don't seem to be any great movies out near us that fit just the genre we'd prefer, we have decided on bringing home the ice cream (in a quart-size, of course!) and watching a rented movie.

I'm also very excited that Casey and I have begun work on a third photomosaic puzzle (we finished the second one a couple of years ago), and all three will go in the nursery. And last night I was able to get almost all of my materials to begin a cross stitch piece that will also go in Miles' room. Whew, lots of stuff to do, but so much fun! And yes...I included all of this on my
RTM list.


maritapaige said...

LOL. Where I come from, RTM = Radio Television Malaysia

蔡依林Jolin said...
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