Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Drivers, projects and name stuff

Yesterday I was all ready to get on the blog and rant a bit about drivers and their cell phones. But today it seems as though the steam has gone out of my little tirade, so I'll leave it...for now. Besides, I know that none of you drive with your phone attached to your ear, to the point that you just rooooollllll through the stop sign and have near-wrecks left and right. You're all good drivers, yes? So I don't even have to go any further on the subject, how wonderful!

I'm excited about a new project that I am undertaking involving the selling of my photos online. This will include some of my stuff back to 1998, and all the new stuff as well. Okay, so maybe I'll leave out the ones I consider to be duds, but for the most part whatever is on the photoblog and then some will be online for sale. I am using an online printing company that cuts out the middleman work for photographers, allowing them to also take portraits, upload them, then allow the customers to look at the album privately and order whatever they would like. The prices are decent, especially for the great work they do! (Ask
Sarah about them sometime.) Another very exciting thing about this project is that Casey and I have finally upgraded to DSL. No more dial-up for us, hurrah! We only just got the kit yesterday and got the whole thing up and running last night. Let me tell you, if you have been living with dial-up for quite some time, as we were, you really can't get enough of how fast DSL is. Oh, and before you think we're just living it up...we did cancel every bit of our phone service but the actual line itself and we got the most basic DSL they offered, so we're still paying almost exactly the same amount. We have learned about cutting corners!

Anyway, that's been taking up a lot of my thinking lately, and of course baby things. I've had just two people email and ask for the name before I reveal it, but I'm hoping that I can let everyone know by the end of the day tomorrow. So...keep watching!


James said...

Selling your photos sound exciting. That's actually very cool.

tracey said...

Thanks James...I think it's very exciting. Now it's just a matter of seeing if anyone actually buys them! =)

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