Thursday, December 08, 2005

Andrea said she likes my ramblings, so here ya go!

When you buy your first house, some kind of home improvement bug has with us, at least. Casey has painted our guest bathroom and is now working on painting our bathroom! We have gone with some bolder colors (i.e., darker) and might even paint the dining room a whole new color too...nice thing about being pregnant is that I have a great excuse not to paint. Which is good, because he's better at it anyway.

Speaking of home improvement, I was mentioning my latest guest bedroom endeavors in my last post (guest bedroom,
Ruthie, not nursery!). Well, I believe I found everything I need at Walmart. I would love to do the Trading Spaces thing and spend $1,000 to fix up one room in my house, but there's a thrill that comes with finding all your little knick-knacks and accessories in one place for MUCH CHEAPER. I like a good bargain, and I like not having to go to more than one store. So, with the hubby's go-ahead, I am giving our guest bedroom a mini-makeover this weekend...and wouldn't you know? It will be just in time for a visit from my parents and aunt and uncle!

I like The Beatles. I was pretty well obsessed with them by the end of high school. Actually, I was pretty well obsessed with several things not a part of my decade by the end of high school (ask me about Martin & Lewis sometime). It has now been 25 years since John Lennon was shot and killed, and can you guess how much money he makes a year? Yes, you heard right -- he still makes money after 25 years. People, John Lennon rakes in $22 million a year! What in the world?!?

I don't know about you, and I hope I don't upset anyone here, but Casey and I are a little irritated that the Weaver Family is in the final three of The Amazing Race. It doesn't bug me so much when people are rude and annoying or whatever, because I expect there to be some amount of that on a reality show...but when you go out there and proclaim to be a Christian, why do you have to be just as rude as everyone else around you? Not only that, but they are practically condemning everyone else for that behavior, all the while doing the exact same thing and not even seeming to recognize it (unless they're watching it now and recognizing). It drives me batty. And yes, I believe that God wants good things for us, but I'm just not sure about his will being that we go on TV to win one million dollars. To paraphrase one of the Weaver daughters: "I think it's God's will that we are here in the final three!"

There are some things that are just very horribly sad, and yet still somehow have a hint of humor to them. A story came out today about an 18-year-old girl who allegedly hired a hitman to kill four men because when she was in their home last week, she saw what she assumed to be a huge block of cocaine -- and she was going to get that cocaine. Apparently there was an informant who let the police in on her schemes, and so when she hired the hitman, she was actually working with an undercover officer. She even told him that anyone found in the house who was old enough to testify would have to be killed as well. A search of the home was done, with the permission of the occupants, and no drugs were found. What was found, however, was a large block of queso fresco cheese. "Four men were going to lose their lives over some cheese," said Lt. Jeff Clark, who heads Project Safe Neighborhoods. (source:
Yahoo! News)

In case anyone is wondering, my pain is under better control these days. Whew! Let me tell you, days and days on end with any kind of pain is enough to really bring you down. I have had some low moments in the past few weeks, but I have to keep remembering that my pain has gone away in the past and so it will this time. We all have to deal with physical pain in our lives. I'm always needing to improve just how I 'deal' with it, because that is the most important part of it. I can be such a baby when it comes to pain, but I can also be very good about the same pain -- so really, it comes down to my attitude and my outlook. Always something new to learn!

Casey and I will hopefully know in less than a week if we are having a boy or a girl. I invite any and all to venture their guesses -- hey, you can even suggest a name! That doesn't mean we'll use it, but it will still be a fun thing to do, right?


Anonymous said...

The BEST name: Joaquin

Sarah said...

I'm so glad to hear that your pain is better these days!!!

So do you and Casey have any vibes yourselves about the baby? I'm going to guess girl. And you can name her Sarah. hahaha

I wanna see a pic of your belly sticking out!

tracey said...


Thanks Sarah! I actually was able to get motivated to do a tiny bit of exercise last night, although right before I started up I had some pain, but I still got through. Woohoo! So far we don't really have any vibes on what we're having, but we'll keep Sarah in mind for a girl's name! =)

Ack! No more requests for belly pics. You're another one of those people who will see me in February anyway!!

Anonymous said...

My guess is girl. -Joy

tracey said...

Wow, everyone is guessing a girl! Crazy. Well, we'll find out (maybe) in less than two days, people...!!!

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