Friday, July 29, 2005

Friday's Feast


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Feast Fifty-Seven / Friday, July 29, 2005


Name 3 people whom you admire for their intelligence.

I'm going to cheat on the first answer and make two people into one, and that would be my parents. For various reasons, neither one received as much education as my siblings and I, but they have never ceased to impress me with their knowledge. The second would be Casey. Are you surprised? I admire Casey for all that he is, intelligent being just one of many things. I have bragged about his being valedictorian and I was in awe of his impressive study habits (I told Brandi last night that he still looks at his Hebrew flash cards!), and I am contiuing to learn just how smart this guy really is. The third just has to be Richard "Mad Dog", our Liverpudlian-Canadian friend. Richard and I had some great talks in the summer of 2001 (of course we had others, but these are the ones I remember most), talks that lifted me out of sadness. I remember during one of our conversations I suddenly wanted to stop talking because I thought, "Whoa...Richard is one of the 'super-intelligent'...if I keep talking he is going to realize how I am soooooo not one of those people." But obviously it did not bother Richard too much -- he's still talking to me!


What's the last food you tried that you really didn't care for?

I'm really not going to be able to remember this one, so I'll just dig a memory out of the past that's a bit clearer. I remember reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe back when I was about 11 or 12 -- loved it. It's become a bit fuzzy, but I know that one of the children was given a treat called Turkish Delight, and it was made out to be the best candy ever, which of course meant that I had to try it. Some years later, I had the opportunity to do so, and upon tasting it my first thought was, "Eww, Turkish Delight tastes like perfume!" And so does.


If you could rename the street that you live on, what would you want it to be called?

Okay, a little mad at Blogger at the moment because I tried to post and it lost all but my appetizer and soup answers. If the rest of this post is a little 'Mr. Robot-o' you will forgive me. Back to the question: I think I would like it to be a peaceful and/or encouraging name, something like Agape Lane or Faithful Cove. That way, every time I passed the sign, I would get a lift of encouragement.

Main Course

When was the last time you were genuinely surprised?

Christmas 2004 at mine and Casey's house (which was more like December 18 or 19). We decided to do our own little Christmas before traveling to be with family because the alternative was dragging all our gifts along with us -- for which we didn't have room -- or waiting until after the new year, and there was no way we were waiting. Anyway, Casey truly surprised me by giving me my first digital camera, my Nikon Coolpix 5700. We had talked about my getting one in May of this year, but Casey had secretly researched and reviewed a couple of camera options, and just the fact that he had put so much thought and heart into this gift sent tears down my cheeks about three times that evening.


Share a household tip.

I don't think I have a real household tip to share, but I will offer this: lighting several candles and putting
this CD on the stereo will give your guests the appearance of a more sophisticated and mature home than it really is. So, now I have to come up with a whole other plan since I have guests coming over tonight!


Sally-Anne said...

Hey, SPEAKING of your mature and sophisticated (new), please!

Marita Paige said...

Hey, Trace, I love the new look and feel of your blog!

tracey said...

Sorry,Sally-Anne...that's why I didn't promise! =)

Thanks Marita! I'm enjoying the new colors myself!

Sally-Anne said...

So what, no photos ever? :'(

tracey said...

No, that's not what I'm saying! Just that...I don't know...I need more time?

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