Friday, June 17, 2005

Soko needs a shoulder to cry on...maybe

The big news is out, people. Big news. Have you heard it? Read here.

By the way, I have this little "Most Viewed" tab on my Yahoo! toolbar, and since I've been checking it more often lately, I guess I decided to share some of these little tidbits. No, I do not go looking for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes news.

Something I was going to mention about THE news was that apparently it was said that this announcement is "ending speculation about the fate of Hollywood's hottest couple." Um, really? Have they heard of a celebrity relationship, like, ever?!?

Enough ranting for me. Thanks for listening!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

How did you know I needed a shoulder to cry on! :) ... I mean :(

Well I guess it is about time I move on from Katie. I'm glad the news got tired of reporting on it because I sure did get tired of hearing about it. (I never want to see couch jumping again!) I thought she was more sensible than that.

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