Monday, June 27, 2005

No longer worried about the all-important archive links

I knew the archives were there, because I checked and rechecked. It was just that you couldn't click on a particular archive link on the home page and get the correct page. I am thinking that I was the only one who noticed this, yes? Probably so. In any case, I am a happy blogging camper. Or...I am a happy camper who is blogging. Whatever!

Hey, wanna see our fenced-in backyard? Oh, I'm sorry, you can't because Casey took part of it down -- woohoo! I am very impressed, actually. We still have the L-shaped privacy part on the one side, but now the yard is open and much bigger than before. My patio/porch plans continue...

Speaking of the outdoors, the latest Leaning Tripod post (June 21) is Junebug no more. We felt it was finally time to invite her back outside to get to know her new surroundings. She has been a bit stir-crazy, and we have been a bit...sleep-deprived crazy. So, all is well once again. [Breathes a deep, peaceful breath.] And we got wind chimes! They are such a tranquil addition to our patio, and they are in the key of D Flat (no joke)!

Update: Okay, worried about the archives again. Dude, what is going on? I just don't get it. Maybe it's just me?

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