Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Sing it, sister!

My sister is coming for a visit, and she'll be here today! Casey and I will pick her up this afternoon, then it's off to...probably home. Maybe we'll show her some of the sights along the way. Both Casey and I will have Thursday off, so that's the day we'll show her around more. I am excited for this visit. It will be the first time since we moved that my side of the family has come to visit. I promise I'm not trying to get sympathy, just stating the facts. Anyway, this week will hopefully prove to be a fun time for all...oh, and she doesn't know it, but Kerry (that's her name) has a little bit of a surprise in store for her at the end of the week! I talked with Casey about it the other day, and we agreed this would be something really nice for her before she goes back home. Fun!

Meanwhile, back in my knitting totebag, the NLW is slowly making itself known. I think I made it clear, but in case I didn't, the most recent photo posted of the gauge is not actually what the scarf looks like. That was just a little swatch I did to test the pattern, and it was only 4 inches. What I'm dealing with now is 12 inches wide, and will eventually be 70 inches long (that's without the fringe, mind you). So I have a bit of knitting to go.

Saturday -- beautiful day -- the Case and I met others from the campus ministry (I would say students, but we weren't all students!) for some ultimate frisbee. Casey calls it just plain "ultimate" but I didn't know if all reading would know what I was talking about. So I really had quite the workout, not having exercised in a long time. Being that there were only six of us, three on each team, we were having to constantly run here and there. Whew! I was worn out after the first game, but did we stop there? No way! I think we played about four games in all. The best part of all was that there were three guys and three girls, so our first two games were, of course, guys vs. girls. I had so much fun with my teammates Heather and Courtney! We amused the guys by forming a huddle before every "kickoff". We did discuss strategy, but once or twice we didn't have anything to huddle about, and so I would tell them about my knitting (which I had worked on in the car on the way there) and how pretty the yarns were. Yes, we lost both games, but we still did alright I think. Then came odds and evens to change up the teams, and basically the teams just traded Casey and I. Wouldn't you know it, the guys' team suddenly got a little worse, and the girls' team got better! How could that be? But let me just say that I think it was because Casey is very good, and not because I'm very bad. Yes, we'll just say that.

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