Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I think I pulled something

What do you do on those days when it seems as though you've been given an extra dose of energy? Me, I want to do a lot, and sometimes I end up exercising in hopes that the routine will stick whether I have enough energy or not.

Okay, I am a fairly thin person, but I don't know why people automatically assume that means I am in shape. I suppose I was, at one time in my life, in shape. I lifted weights three or four times a week, plus I rollerbladed and I played racquetball each at least once a week. I was also a college student at the time. And about eight years younger.

Are you with me here? I am not in shape anymore, but I know I can be if I really try!

Anyway, Casey and I both find ourselves wanting to exercise and yet that nasty winter weather combined with afterwork fatigue can be such a hindrance. But all those fitness magazines that tell you to find an "exercise buddy" are on to something, because when Casey starts getting back on the fitness track, it's easier for me to follow suit, and vice versa I believe. And fortunately, we enjoy doing a lot of the same things exercise-wise, like walking and racquetball. When the weather is warmer we'll also be playing more ultimate frisbee, but I really do miss my rollerblading...maybe when we move to our new house I can get back into it. I think I'm fairly good at it, but when it's been a while I tend to be more self-conscious. We'll see.

So, is anyone else getting the exercise bug? Can you feel the burn?!? Woohoo!

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