Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Now I've gone and caught a sniffle!

Happy fifth day of the New Year! We left for almost two weeks -- Casey and I visited family -- and I brought a cold back with me. Don't know how it slipped into my carry-on bag since there was absolutely no room in there.

Christmas and New Year were spent with our families, which was such a blessing to us. Yes, it is nice to be home, but it is also nice to have hugs from parents and to be spoiled with lots of great food! Speaking of getting spoiled, Casey gave me a wonderful digital camera for Christmas. I have already taken lots of pictures without really reading the manual. Hopefully I can post some here someday.

I am not one who really gets into making resolutions, but I decided that I want to list out some goals for the year and put them on the wall so that I'll see them in the morning and evening. I find it interesting that we can have all these things stored in our minds, but they are more easily put aside if we don't actually see them in front of us. Just human nature, I suppose. Happy goal-setting!

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