Tuesday, September 28, 2004

A nice little note

Upon visiting Dominic Miller's website, I found that you can "Ask Dominic" a question. I read through a few that he had answered, and decided to ask him something myself. This was on Thursday. Here's what I wrote:

Hi Dominic! I wanted to ask about those absolutely beautiful phrases you're picking in the stanzas in "Fields of Gold". Is that something you wrote? I was in the fifth row [in Nashville] and you came to our end of the stage during that piece and I was on cloud nine. Thanks for the amazing contributions you've made to music.

Dominic answered me on Sunday night! Short note, but still it was pretty neat hearing back from him.

Thanks so much Tracey. That part was just kind of made up on the spot. I wanted to get a harp effect so I chose rolling arpeggios. I hope I see you again soon. Best wishes, Dominic

Thanks for letting me share!

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