Saturday, August 14, 2004

Matting Photos

I shot photos of the July 4th fireworks, mostly for the purpose of getting various-sized prints, matting them and taking them to a place downtown where artists’ works are sold. They also matte and frame paintings and photos there. The artist decides on the price, and the shop takes 20% if they sell.

I would say I got several nice shots – I’ve never taken still photos of fireworks, but I’ve done some timed release stuff like lightning. I just went with one particular photo and had two 8x10’s and three 5x7’s made. I’m not going to get my hopes up. I think it could make a nice gift for someone, so maybe people will be interested.

So, I’ve never matted my photos before. I’ve had some done professionally, but that costs so much money. Well – I guess that depends, really, on where you go. I used rubber cement and some really nice but not-too-expensive mattes I found. I didn’t see this process taking too long, but I spent over an hour on just five photos! That’s a lot of time breathing in rubber cement and leaning over. By the end, my back ached and I was a bit lightheaded. Still am.

I thought I would take the photos there today, seeing as it’s Saturday and I don’t really have that time during the week, but I think my self-consciousness is holding me back. I like the photo and think it looks great, if I may say so myself. But when I think about other people perusing through the artwork at the store…I don’t know. I just imagine them skipping right past my work or comparing it with everyone else’s. Self-consciousness is not a good place to be, so I’ve been working on that more lately.

Meanwhile, today is one of the most beautiful days I’ve ever seen. The temperature feels like it’s right on the edge of autumn – you know, those perfectly crisp fall days that make you want to take a walk somewhere – and the sky is a clear blue. The sun seems like it shines just a certain way for weather like this. Part of the reason for my loving this kind of weather, I think, is that my husband and I were falling in love when the weather began to change from summer to fall. He went to town today, and before he left I told him that he smelled "like dating." Maybe that doesn’t make sense, but it’s the only way I can simply describe that feeling of being in love with him. It’s this weather and the smell of his cologne all mixed together.
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