Friday, October 02, 2009

Fun Friday Question!

Confession time: I watch a lot of TV. I've always watched a lot of TV. I remember my parents watching M*A*S*H and The Andy Griffith Show and Barney Miller and The Bob Newhart Show and I would sit and watch with them, but I didn't get every joke since I was still pretty young. Still, I loved it. And on Thursday nights in the mid-80's, our whole family would eat dinner and then watch The Cosby Show and Family Ties together.

My very favorite show when I was about ten years old was Growing Pains. I was so completely in love with Kirk Cameron. I had posters of him in my locker at school (yes, I had a locker when I was ten years old). We share a birthday, with him being five years older. There was a boy in my class who smiled just like him, so of course that was my big crush. I was sure that I was meant to be with Kirk Cameron, but I could not figure out how I was going to get to Hollywood and meet him.

I know that there are aspects of television that are negative, and that I could definitely do without it. But I have so many great memories, like I mentioned, of watching shows with my parents and family. There are still episodes that we laugh about, and now Casey and I have our favorite episodes of Frasier, Seinfeld and The Office.

A few years ago after one of our students got us watching The Office, we started inviting whoever was interested to come over on Thursday nights to watch that and Lost. Yes, we are also big Lost fans. I remember taping the pilot and Casey saying, "I don't want to start watching another show!" and I said, "Let's just watch the first one and see if we like it." And of course we did.

But for more than two years now, our school-year Thursday nights entail me making semi-sweet Hershey's chocolate chip cookies for the students who come over, and everyone has milk to go with them. It was just something I did once and kept on with it, and now it's tradition. The group changes here and there, but we have fun every single time. Last week they were playing tennis against Miles on the Wii, and I think he was frustrating a couple of the guys by beating them!

There is so much laughter. But most of it comes after the TV is turned off.

Here's the Fun Friday Question: Do you have any fun 'TV memories'?


Unknown said...

Oh yes! Like you, I enjoyed watching Andy Griffith with my folks, and we always enjoyed those British Comedies on PBS, too. My husband and I LOVE "How it's Made" and "Really Big Things," as well as "Mythbusters" and that logging show on the History channel. TV is one of our favorite hobbies. That sounds kind of sad, but with our flipped schedules (he's working nights and I'm on days) it's something we can do together without having to dress up and go out. =) Cheap, too!

tracey said...

It's Jen, right? Sorry if I got it wrong! Anyway, thanks for sharing -- have to say I haven't seen the shows you mentioned, but now I'm curious!

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