Monday, June 25, 2007

Next comes talking...oh dear!

I should be better at updating these things, but (drumroll, please)...

Miles is walking! Woohoo!!

It's been nearly three weeks now, so yes, I have been pretty bad about sharing news. I'm sorry. Anyway, it wasn't a huge momentous thing, like he took a step and he was suddenly walking. He's been taking a step or two, then four, then seven at a time for quite a while. Finally, on a Wednesday it happened. He was taking those steps but instead of plopping down on the rug like usual he just...kept going! Casey and I were both there to witness in amazement our baby becoming a toddler. For Casey it was all happiness and advancement toward Miles' someday adulthood. For me, the mama, it was very bittersweet, giving my heart one more reason to ache as I watch that funny little boy actually...walk...away.

I should still say that I am very happy that Miles can walk, and I am so very proud, of course. But you other moms out there know just what I'm talking about. You know that ache that comes with so many things, good or bad, and it's something we have been blessed (or cursed?) with. I am only just beginning to understand things about my mother that I could never have possibly comprehended had I never had a child. And if you are reading this, Mom...I don't know how you've done this four times. You are my hero.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

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