Monday, September 21, 2009

Building Memories

This is what kept Miles and I occupied for part of the morning. At first I wasn't in the sun room and was encouraging him to play out there, to build with his blocks. Then I decided to join him, but sat on the couch with my knitting...there's honestly not much better than that for me. Throw in a vanilla latte and I would be on cloud nine!

But Miles wasn't content to have me even sitting nearby while he built with the blocks. He wanted me on the floor building with him. How could I say no? I asked him to wait while I finished the row I was on -- this I must do, because otherwise I will come back to my knitting and be completely lost. He waited patiently, not even touching any of the blocks until I was ready. Soon we were both on the floor, each working on our own tall tower. I'm not too creative in the Lego department, so I do what Miles does: stack one on top of the other until the thing is about to fall over. The one he's standing next to in the photo was nearly as tall as him!

It was a nice morning.

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